Erg Chebbi are the most popular and sought desert dunes in Morocco for its beautiful color and for the giant like rising desert peaks out of nowhere. According to a local legend Erg Chebbi desert dunes were sent by God as penance for turning away worn-out traveler. Visiting these dunes will not disappoint. Some of the desert dunes rise to one hundred fifty meters and spread over twenty to kilometers long and five kilometers wide.

Our camp is located in dunes named Zniqui offering complete seclusion of any other desert camps and crowds of people.

The greatest appeal for the desert dunes of Erg Chigaga is their remoteness and wilderness. The journey of getting there is an adventure of its own as one needs to drive for a few hours in 4x4WD or several days on camels to reach the heart of these desert dunes. They are not as tall but spread over much vast area in comparison of Erg Chebbi and are equally as impressive.

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