How the luxury camp in Morocco came to be?

The exotic beauty of Morocco has captivated travelers for centuries. A visit to the Gem of North Africa is not complete without a tour of the desert dunes, the most well known of which are in Erg Chebbi. Although a very beautiful place, the popularity of Erg Chebbi has made it a challenge for visitors to experience the appeal of the Sahara as the locals know it - a place of optional solitude and undisturbed beauty.

The Luxury Camp in Erg Zniqi offers guests the full splendor of a trip to the Sahara. Situated away from the numerous campsites of Erg Chebbi, the Luxury Camp at Erg Zniqi is a true "hidden jewel" - there are no other campgrounds, no other tourists - just the seemingly endless rolling desert dunes and an undisturbed night sky awash with the lights of the heavens. A restorative sensory experience of enchantment and pure tranquility - this is the soul of Morocco.

The vision of The Luxury camp in Erg Zniqi belongs to Hamid Ait Haddou. Born and raised in Merzouga, he knows the town and the encompassing dunes like no other - and can drive and navigate them on a 4X4WD with the speed and precision of the winner of Rally Paris-Dakkar! Hamid may never have intended to be an ambassador for the Merzouga, but with such a passion for his home and a natural sense of hospitality - he was destined to build his life welcoming visitors and sharing the charms of his country with travelers from every corner of the world.

His lifetime of meeting and greeting international tourists resulted in a linguistic fluency in French, English, and Spanish (and a bit of Italian - Grazie Mille!) and making acquaintances of some rather notable people - including the wife and children of King Mohammed VI of Morocco - as their guide on Camel treks through the desert. Over his many years working with so many eager visitors - taking them to the most popular, usual places - Hamid reflected on the character of his home - the nature of the place that pulsed through his veins: how had something so vast and quiet as the desert come to feel congested and busy? How could restore genuine serenity?

It was from this longing that the idea for The Luxury Camp at Erg Zniqi was born. The area of Erg Zniqi - tucked out of the way from other tourist sites - was where Hamid and his family would vacation when they needed to restore their spirits. This cherished family hide-away would be the perfect place for guests to discover the majesty of the Sahara.

Sharing this idea with his good friend and fellow experienced guide, Abdou, they set about to make the dream a reality. The Luxury Camp in Erg Zniqi is a one-of-a-kind deluxe holiday experience, offering an authentic desert escape with the legendary warmth and hospitality of the Berber people.

The Morocco you’ve always dreamed of is waiting - discover it at the Luxury Camp in Erg Zniqi!

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