Why one night is not enough

Some travelers arriving to stay with us come only for one night. We feel that they miss the enjoyment of the camp and the true visit of Sahara.

When clients come to stay for one night only, generally they don’t arrive till 4pm to 5pm when the sun is about to set down. They do short camel ride, take few pictures, have dinner and enjoy each other company around a campfire under the starry African sky accompanied by their Berber guides. Next morning after breakfast they depart for their next planned destination.

Unfortunately, this way you don’t get to fully appreciate the natural wonder like if you stay 2 nights at the camp. It’s too boring? There is nothing to do in the sea of desert? Well, there is lot to do.

Apart from the obvious activity of camel trekking that can be enjoy for short period of time or even half or full day, there is plenty of others things to do.

We include visit of nearby Nomads living in this harsh region or local Berber family where you can learn about the beauty in the simple life these people lead.

Other fun and popular activity is 4x4WD driving into the desert. No desert dune is too big for Hassan and Hamid, completely skillful in the driving over the dunes. It is better then any roller coaster.

Short drive from the camp is an area where you can search and collect fossils and possibly meteorites (if you lucky enough) to remind you of your desert trip to Morocco.

Other choice is to visit seasonal lake of Dayet Sriji (November to March) that creates incredible contrast of the water pool against the tall desert dunes. Or opt for visit of Khamilia village where descendants of black slaves play krakebs, unknown instruments to us, and dance to the rhythm of their drums - Gnawa music.

Or just stay at the camp, there is plenty to do too. Many youngsters and adults equally love to have a go at the sand boards. Climbing the desert dune is a challenge by itself though you get rewarded by some stunning views atop and the chance to sand board down the desert mountain.

If you get too tired climbing the dunes, have fun playing the British game of cricket or handball or just sit down and play a game of chess or any other table game.

Or if you feel like relaxing there are many areas spread around when one can just chill. Lay in hammocks or sunbath in the sun loungers popular with the elderly. Or just sit in the open salon tent or on many cushions spread around the camp and read your favorite book, and take in the magnificent landscape around you.

For 3 nights and more we recommend stay one night in our Nomadic camp. Spend the day on camels or by foot trekking through the desert scenery ending your day in Nomadic camp where guides will await you at basic tent though with still fully functioning bathroom and delicious meal for the night. It is here that you are completely alone in the desert; indulge in the silence and the solitude that the desert has to offer.

Desert tour is generally the reason travelers venture beyond the cities so why come just for the night?

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