Why to choose us?

Often when clients enquire about possible reservation at our luxury desert camp, one of their questions is why to choose our luxury camp to others. The differences are almost endless. Here are some why our camp is the best choice in luxury travel in Merzouga area.


Our camp is located inside the sand dunes and there are no other camps in proximity. The camp can be reach only by foot, camel (about 45 minutes to 1 hour), 4x4WD (about 15 to 20 minutes) or helicopter (about 2 ½ hour from Marrakech) You don’t see any village lights as from other luxury camps that are often located just 2 sand dunes behind the dirt road.


Our tents are large and very spacious. You are getting 2 tents one is your sleeping tent and other your ensuite private bathroom.

The smallest tents are 4x6m equipped with handmade Moroccan rugs, medical king size or full twin size bedding (can fit easily 4 beds for family) and Moroccan furniture: nightstands, full length mirrors, coffee tables, armchairs or sofas, place to hang clothes, lay your luggage, dressing table.

As of now we are the only luxury camp in Merzouga that offers bathroom as another tented room. It is so much better for your privacy and also eliminates any unpleasant odors in your sleeping tent. Bathrooms have flush toilets, sink and hand held shower.

Amenities such as shampoo, soaps, and high quality of towels are always provided along with some special goodies.

Note that all tents are of white material – all sew by hand!


There is no other camp in Merzouga that is design to welcome clients for more then just one night. If you notice most camps have tent, possible some dining tent and nothing else! They want you to come in the evening and leave early morning.

We design the camp so you can truly enjoy the desert and stay more then just the night. In our camp you find not just the tents and large dining tent, but many areas spread around the camp built for relaxation. Here you find open sided tent, sun loungers, hammocks, and cushions and more. You can find your secret corner to enjoy the beautiful surrounding areas.

All Inclusive

Stay in our camp is all-inclusive. All meals are included in price, breakfast, lunch and dinner that is always 3-course feast. There is cooler in the dining tent full of non- alcoholic drinks like water, sodas to take for you at anytime as much as you need. Sand boards are also free to take at anytime and the sand dune behind the camp is perfect to give it a try!

Not only this, camels, guided walks, visit of Nomads, fossil searching all can be included in your stay.

After your trek in the desert you can enjoy the open sided tent and perhaps enjoy game of chess or just take some of our leisure books or magazine.

Dining – Kitchen in the camp

Dining is important part of your stay! Every meal is always prepared and cook fresh in our kitchen in the camp!

We are employing chef all the way from Marrakech to ensure that meals in the camp are not just meals, but actual great delight. Dinner is always 3-course meal and is prepared fresh in the kitchen.

Breakfast is wide variety of different jams (on some occasions handmade!), honey, olive oils with bread and different pancakes. Yogurts, tea, coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice is part of your breakfast too. Eggs can be made to order.

Lunch generally serve as picnic is rather light meal.

We can accommodate any special dietary requirements, children meals, or cakes for parties.


We select the personal in the camp very careful so they please discerning eye of any traveler. Some of the staff comes from Merzouga area; others come from different parts of Morocco with vast experience working in tourism. They speak English, French, Spanish and bit of Italian.

There is always at least six member staff at the camp and of course in busier nights we bring more people to attend your needs.

In case of emergency – always 4x4WD on hand

We always have at least one 4x4WD in the camp that is used for transport in case of any emergency such as medical, due to sand storm etc.

Fully owned by locals – Moroccan

The camp has 2 owners, both local Moroccan. Hamid was born and all life lives in Merzouga and Abdou spend his childhood in one of the small villages of the Draa Valley and now is living in Marrakech. They both came from large families of poor backgrounds. They feel obliged to help others.


We have great appreciations for the nature and do all possible to make the camp as ecological as we can. We are still learning about different options how to make the camp ecological but as of now already applying the following: solar panels, recycling, ecological products in kitchen and bathrooms.

We are welcome for anyone to suggest of other means. We are now looking into the grey water use.


Please check our reviews either on ourFacebookorTrip Advisor pagethat speak for themselves.

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