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Abdou grew up in one of the Sub Saharan Berber villages in the Draa Valley. He came from large family and has great experience working with tourist as camel guide, later driver and recently running tour operator company. He get to know Hamid while working together in tourism. They became close friends and made their dream come true, building this magnificent "oasis" in Erg Chebbi sand dunes.



Hamid grew up in the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi and knows every sand dune. He has been organizing camel treks and was responsible for many desert camps there. He felt sad that the desert is becoming too busy, full of people. That was his reason developing this Luxury camp to offer still peace of quietness and solitude that the desert should be.


Morocco culinary

Part of the experience in staying in our camp is to enjoy meals that are prepared with special care.

We have kitchen on the property so all meals are prepared fresh before your arrival from local produced ingredients. We are employing chef that is experienced and learn the art of cooking in one of the culinary schools in Marrakech.

Dinners are always a 3 -courses feast including salads or/and soups, main meal Moroccan typical dish such as different types of tajin, lamb mechoui or seven vegetable couscous followed by desert that is assortment of seasonal fruit and/or pastry.

Breakfast is wide variety of different jams, cheeses, oils, honey. We always offer yogurts and different types of Moroccan pancakes. Often fresh bake bread is serve with your breakfast. Eggs are prepared by order and of course freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee and tea are part of the desert breakfast.

Lunch generally serve as picnic is rather light and includes salad, brochettes or grilled chicken and seasonal fruit.

Since we have kitchen on the property we can tailor to any dietary requirements you might have from vegetarian to gluten free. We also provide on request children meals from pizzas to pasta dishes. If you are celebrating birthdays or honeymoons and like to get cake prepared for you, please let us know in advance.

Dinner can be served either under the stars or in the dining tent, breakfast is served under the morning sun. Don't forget that cold drinks are always available.

If you like to come only for lunch let us know it can certainly be arranged.


We are learning about how to be the most ecological to the natural environment but we already take the following steps to ensure conscious tourism without leaving negative impact on the environment:

  • Leaving no trace of any garbage/waste behind. There are garbage bins around the camp and we ensure that nothing is left in any surrounding areas
  • We recycle plastic bottles
  • Vegetable, fruit scraps and left over meals, bread are used for animals, camels in the camp or given to Nomads living in the area
  • Solar energy power is used in the camp
  • Hammam bathroom towels (quick to dry and low water consumption)
  • We use the filtered water in glass bottles
  • Use of plastic bottle water is used minimally and always recycled

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Our trip last year 2019 to Morocco has been amazing! We had let Jana to tailor an itinerary for our needs for 16 days around the country. We wanted to see as much but not be on the road every day and she has just done it. We saw some beautiful parts of the country from the blue city, Fes ,Marrakech. Our highlight was absolutely the 2 nights spend glamping in the Sahara. The accommodation was excellent. We get the opportunity to stay in highly luxury riads, Desert Luxury camp in Sahara (highly recommend) but also more basic riads which was very nice and gave us home feel. Our felt gratitude goes also to our driver Abdou that we spent lot of time with. He has become a life long friend to us! Thank you!

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