What happens if the weather gets bad?

Weather in the Sahara is unpredictable and sand storms happen from time to time. Our tents are built to sustain heavy winds. One of the restaurants at the camp is built from clay bricks and hence offers great shelter if one should get caught in very bad weather. We have great relationship with few hotels in the Merzouga area so in the worst-case scenario we can substitute your night to one of the hotels.

We are pushing the limits of luxury desert camping to its top! We have built 2 Royal tents perched on top of the desert dunes that offer ultimate luxury for your desert stay, something that no one has yet attempted in Morocco.

Some travelers arriving to stay with us come only for one night. We feel that they miss the enjoyment of the camp and the true visit of Sahara.

When clients come to stay for one night only, generally they don’t arrive till 4pm to 5pm when the sun is about to set down. They do short camel ride, take few pictures, have dinner and enjoy each other company around a campfire under the starry African sky accompanied by their Berber guides. Next morning after breakfast they depart for their next planned destination.

Unfortunately, this way you don’t get to fully appreciate the natural wonder like if you stay 2 nights at the camp. It’s too boring? There is nothing to do in the sea of desert? Well, there is lot to do.

The exotic beauty of Morocco has captivated travelers for centuries. A visit to the Gem of North Africa is not complete without a tour of the desert dunes, the most well known of which are in Erg Chebbi. Although a very beautiful place, the popularity of Erg Chebbi has made it a challenge for visitors to experience the appeal of the Sahara as the locals know it - a place of eptional solitude and undisturbed beauty.

Often when clients enquire about possible reservation at our luxury desert camp, one of their questions is why to choose our luxury camp to others. The differences are almost endless. Here are some why our camp is the best choice in luxury travel in Merzouga area